Monday, July 26, 2010

um... fail?

so, i come home on saturday... and this is the first time i've been able to update my blog. hah, definite fail!
if i had to choose one word to describe this trip.... amazing.
ireland is such a beautiful country. i love the people, their accents, their slang, the scenery, the food, the style. everything about it is amazing.
we did tons of performances in the city square of londonderry, northern ireland. in the first performance, alexis and i talked to two older women. and they said that everyone in ireland is catholic, so they sent us to the wrong country. it was very discouraging. but i thought about it. and after being there even longer, i realized how untrue that is. there is such a huge battle between the protestants and catholics in ireland that they don't necessarily care about the relationship with God, but they just label themselves. alot of them are "spiritual" or "religious" in that they follow the rules of the church and "pray everyday", but they aren't really saved and they don't have that relationship with God.
it's been amazing to work with these people. in londonderry, we helped 13 people come to Christ. i'm not sure of the number for skerries, but we helped lead a good amount of teenagers to Him. and even if some of them said no, you could still see that hunger in their eyes and the desire to know more and that let us know that we planted a seed.
we learned that successful witnessing is - taking the initiative to share Jesus Christ with the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results up to God. and that's exactly what we did.
i'm gonna have to get off of here now.
i'll see you all soon enough.
-Chelsea Lynn-
i am...
-deeply loved by God
-completely forgiven
-fully pleasing
-powerfully equipped
-totally accepted


  1. well since i promised to comment on all your posts while you were ireland, i must comment on this oneee. You made it really easy for me. (: not being able to post and all.

  2. YAY you updated finally! I am so sorry I missed your calls today I was at work. Mom told me what happend and I am praying for you along with many others that include Zachary and Scott and his parents! I cannot wait until you are home so I can see your beautiful face and talk to you! I miss you so terribly much that when I see you I may actually cry! BTW little mac is still on the menu but its seems promising which we will talk about when you get home! I love you and miss you! Oh if you call me do it anytime on Wednesday....your time Thursday would be before 6:30pm my shift starts 7pm and that is for Friday too!